HighKey Technology Inc (@Highkeyco) was started back in 2016 as one of the first wireless earbuds brands. With the help of our thousands of customers, we have been able to grow into a well-recognized consumer technology company.

We are now on our 3rd and most sophisticated version of wireless earbuds as well as many other high-quality products.

HighKey Technology Inc is one of the several “HighKey” companies owned by the Lintz brothers. Jordan and Luke Lintz also founded HighKey Clout Inc, a celebrity giveaway company and HighKey Agency (@highkeyagency) a personal branding agency that works on press and social media accounts.

The word “HighKey” comes from the opposite of the common word LowKey. To be HighKey means to be known! All the HighKey companies have this one commonality.

Social Media Presence

We pride ourselves on the community and loyal fan base we have built, across all the social media platforms. We dedicate most of our time to Instagram (@highkeyco) and TikTok (@highkeyco).

On Instagram, we connect with our following by posting stories daily that keep our fans up to date and engaged in our everyday activities and big events we have going on. We also respond to all of our Dm’s, which involves answering questions, notifying people about a big event, or just having a normal conversation!

On TikTok, we post comedic skits, giveaway updates, and other random videos.

Our Shipment Strategy

We have a total of four warehouses around the world to make shipping the most efficient for us and the customer. We have one warehouse in central Canada, one in China and one on the east and west coast of the United States. This type of shipping strategy makes sure that every customer has fast and custom fee free delivery!

Our 5 Point Guarantee

  1. A tracking number for every order
  2. Safe payments via credit card or PayPal
  3. Real customer service representatives on our LiveChat and email.
  4. No customs charges on delivery
  5. Under 12 hour response time on any support requests!

Meet Our Team

Jordan Lintz – CMO

Jordan Lintz is the owner and co-founder of HighKey Technology Inc, HighKey Agency Inc and HighKey Clout Inc.

Luke Lintz – CFO

Luke Lintz is the owner and co-founder of HighKey Technology Inc, HighKey Agency Inc and HighKey Clout Inc.

Jackson Lintz – COO

Jackson Lintz is an owner of HighKey Technology Inc and the face of most social media activity

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