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The HighKey Backpack meets the demands of commuting for work, sports, or school. What sets this backpack apart is the two sleeves on the interior of the backpack that is specifically designed to fit the HighKey Power Bank. These sleeves allow you to seamlessly charge your device inside and outside of the backpack. The backpacks exterior is also water-resistant, which is a huge bonus when walking in the rain!


  • PU leather
  • Breathable back padding
  • Laptop/Big device sleeve (15.6″ or smaller)
  • Water-resistant
  • 2-6 Business Day Shipping

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14 reviews for HIGHKEY BACKPACK

  1. Tomas Colley

    This backpack has all the pockets you need including a great place for your laptop or Tablet in the back

  2. Elodie Harwood

    For the price, I didn’t expect this type of quality! It looks and feels like a $100 backpack or more

  3. Seb Mayer

    I was just gonna buy a backpack from Walmart or something but then I saw highkey on Instagram and knew that I wanted their stylish backpack! Very happy with my choice🤝

  4. Daniele Harper

    I recommend this backpack for 4 reasons: 1 – Its really comfortable because of the straps and good padding. 2 – The outside of the bag cannot get wet because it’s wet so that’s a nice feature if you get caught in the rain or something. 3 – It has perfectly sized pouches for your technology like laptops and phones. 4 – The price is very low compared to other backpacks of this quality.

  5. Jazmine Davies

    For the price of the backpack, it definitely surpassed my expectations! Great quality, comfortable, and useful pocket placements!

  6. Pierre Carlson

    Perfect sized backpack. Not too big and not too small, a nice medium that allows for binders and other stuff but not too large for it to be heavy and hard to carry around.

  7. Libbie Underwood

    This backpack is really good quality, I have had it for the past few months and I have been hiking with it and stuff and it’s holding up great. I might have to get one for my husband!

  8. Asher Blackwell

    A year with this backpack as a construction worker and it’s still in great condition! I would definitely recommend this product.

  9. Sophia Allen

    This backpack looks good with literally any outfit you put on!

  10. Katrina Haas

    I ordered one of these backpacks for my oldest son and my other kids liked it so much that I got a bag for all of them so now there wearing the same bag and its so cute!

  11. Nate Connolly

    I got caught in a downpour and when I got inside all I had to do was wipe the surface water off my bag and just like that it was completely dry!

  12. Kealan Wise

    I bought on for me and one for my husband and we both love it! #twins

  13. Kamile Simmonds

    I ordered from the US on Monday and it came that week on Thursday and the backpack is good quality and stylish

  14. Kean Warner

    Nothing bad to say about this bag, good price for good quality.

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