Setup Guide

Here you can find everything about how to setup Highkey Products

HighKey Wireless Earbuds setup guide


1. How to properly pair (both earbuds)

Press and hold one of the earbuds for 5 seconds (until you hear “pairing” and the indicator on the earbud starts blinking red and blue) and then let go. Take your device (that has Bluetooth connectivity), go to settings > Bluetooth. “HighKey” will appear in your available Bluetooth devices. Click “HighKey” on your device. Immediately press and hold the other earbud for 2 seconds (until you hear “power on”) and then let go.

2. How to turn on HighKey Wireless Earbuds after being paired to a device

Press and hold one of the earbuds for 2 seconds (until you hear “power on” and the indicator on the earbud turns red) and then let go. Press and hold the other earbud for 2 seconds (until you hear “power on”) and then let go (the indicators on both earbuds should turn blue).

3. HighKey Multifunction Key (Music)

  • Press once to pause/play music.
  • Double-press to skip a song.

4. HighKey Multifunction Key (Phone Calls)

When you are listening to HighKey Wireless Earbuds and there is an incoming call. Press one of the earbuds to answer the call. Press one of the earbuds twice to decline the call. You can hang-up by pressing the multifunction key on one of the earbuds.

5. Charging Indicators

When charging your HighKey Wireless Earbuds, the indicators on the earbuds will turn red if they need to be charged. Once the earbuds are fully charged, the indicators will turn blue.

6. How to properly un-pair your earbuds

Go onto your device that the earbud(s) are paired to. Click on the settings of your device and go to Bluetooth. Click on the “HighKey” and press un-pair or forget on your device.

HighKey Wireless Earbuds trouble shooting


If you are experiencing Bluetooth audio dropouts, the solution depends on what device (sending device) is connected to the Wireless Earbuds and the current Bluetooth situation.

The sound will cut out temporarily if the connection between the device and Wireless Earbuds is lost, for longer than the earbuds can compensate for. Reasons for this include:

    1. The single most important factor is the distance between the sending device and the master earbud. The “master earbud” is the earbud that was turned on and connected to the device first. Bluetooth signals do not cross through the body. To get really good Bluetooth connectivity, the sending device needs to be placed closest to the master earbud. Meaning, if the master earbud is in your left ear, try putting the connected device in your left pocket.
    2. Bluetooth signal strength varies based on the surrounding environment. It is generally stronger indoors, where it benefits from signals reflecting off walls and other objects.
    3. If the above reasons are not the cause, it is likely because your phone’s Bluetooth and/or WiFi antenna do not have enough capacity for all the processes simultaneously running at that time. If that is the case, you can turn off WiFi/GPS, disconnect other Bluetooth devices on your connected device, and make sure to listen to locally stored music instead of streamed music.

A solution for most devices that experience Bluetooth audio dropouts is the following:

    • How to properly re-set the earbuds:
      • Firstly, un-pair the earbuds from your device and hard reset your device.
      • Secondly, Press and hold each earbud down for 10-12 seconds (until you hear a unique tone).
      • Thirdly, re-pair the earbuds to your device.

HighKey Wireless Speaker setup guide


  1. How to properly pair
    • Press the Power button to turn the speaker on.

    • Press and hold the Play/Pause button for 3 seconds. The speaker will then enter pairing mode and the Bluetooth Indicator will begin flashing.

    • Hold your device within 3 feet of the speaker and ensure Bluetooth is enabled on your device.

    • The speaker will appear as “HighKey Speaker” when your device is scanning for “available Bluetooth devices.”

  2. How to turn on HighKey Speaker after being paired to a device
    • Press and hold the power button for 3 seconds. Until the indicator lights turn on and a unique tone is heard.

HighKey Wireless Speaker diagram

1. Power Button

    • Press and hold to turn on.
    • Press again to turn off.
    • Press and hold for 8 seconds to reset the speaker if any operational issues occur.

2. Mode Button

    • Press to switch between Bluetooth, AUX and MicroSD modes.

3. Previous/Next Buttons

    • Press to navigate between songs **Available in Bluetooth and Micro SD mode only.

4. Play/Pause Buttons

    • Press to play and pause audio. **press and hold for 3 seconds to initiate Bluetooth pairing.

5. Volume Increase/Decrease Buttons

    • Press to increase/decrease the volume of the audio.

6. Phone Button

    • While in Bluetooth mode, press and hold the Phone Button for 3 seconds to activate Siri or S-Voice.
    • Press once to answer an incoming call.
    • Press again to end the call.
    • Press and hold to decline a call.

7. Charging Indicator 

    • Flashing red: Battery is low
    • Solid green: Device is charging

8. Battery Level Indicator

    • Indicates the remaining power on the speaker, as described below: 
    • 3 LED’s (100% battery level) 
    • 2 LED’s (60% battery level)
    • 1 LED (30% battery level).

9. AUX Indicator

    • When the indicator light is on, AUX mode is enabled.

10. MicroSD Indicator

    • When the indicator light is on, MicroSD mode is enabled

11. Bluetooth Indicator

    • When the indicator light is on, Bluetooth mode is enabled.
    • When the speaker is in Bluetooth pairing mode, the indicator light will be flashing blue and red.
    • Once a device has been paired, the indicator light will be blinking blue.

12. Thermal Sensor

    • Detects the heat of your hand, activating the speakers LED buttons.

13. NFC Area

    • Hold your device over this area to use NFC for Bluetooth connection.

14. Microphone

    • Remain within three feet of the microphone while speaking, for the clearest audio.

15. Charging Port (Input)

    • For use with included charging cable (micro USB cable).

16. USB Power Port (Output)

    • Provides power to connected devices. **This function is only enabled when the speaker is on

17. AUX (Input)

    • Connects the speaker to external media devices with the included AUX cable.

18. MicroSD (Input)

    • Insert a MicroSD card into this slot, in order to play stored media.

HighKey Charging Backpack Setup Guide


  1. How do I clean the HighKey Backpack?
    • Start by removing all electronics from the bag. Fill a bucket with warm water. Mix in dish detergent until bubbles start to form. Dip a clean, soft rag in the soapy water and squeeze off the excess water. Gently wipe the stains clean with the damp rag until the stain is removed. Wipe off the area with a clean, dry, soft rag afterward. Leave the backpack to air dry. NOTE: This backpack should only be spot cleaned, to avoid the leather from soaking in water.


  2. Where does the Power Bank go in the HighKey Backpack?
    • There are 2 side pockets (on the inside of the backpack). The charging cable goes through a metal ring allowing you to charge your device outside of the backpack.
  3. Do I have to charge the Power Bank that comes in the HighKey Backpack?
    • Yes. The Power Bank takes approximately 10 hours to charge.


  4. Is the HighKey Backpack waterproof?
    • The HighKey Backpack is water resistant not water proof.